The Barns

Provision of power and lighting to barns and workshop

I was asked to add power and light to a recently built set of barns and a workshop remote from the main farm area, so as to allow the farmer complete functionality while tending to the cattle and calves and the operation of machinery within the area.

Each Bay has a 70 watt Sodium light which has low power usage and is restful light for the animals.

Into the yard shine four 70 watt Metal Halide Lights which give a bright white light to allow better visibility for the safe operation of machinery, and on to the straw barn are two more sodium lights.
In the small calf pens and work shop are fluorescent lights. Also waterproof/resistant sockets were fitted at strategic places, so as to minimise the use of trailing cables.
To protect the wiring from physical damage and corrosion Steel Wired Armoured (SWA) cable was used throughout.

The whole lighting system consumes approximately 1500 watts which is equivalent to 3 commonly used 500 watt Halogen lights!
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